Barre classes starting at Studio Yoga

Barre fitness classes are coming to Studio Yoga, starting in January 2019. The sessions combine ballet inspired moves with elements of yoga, dance, Pilates and strength training will be taught by trained dancer and yoga teacher, Dani Jones.

The classes are choreographed to music and include classic dance moves such as pliés, as well as static stretches. Students use a barre, window ledge or chair for support while performing exercises which focus on alignment, core engagement, and isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range movements.
Teacher Dani Jones began her love of dance at the age of 3 when she first went to ballet lessons. Dani trained with the Royal Academy of Dance, gaining her Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet certificates and studied it at  University. She describes Barre as like yoga-ballet: “It combines the grace and elegance of ballet with the alignment of yoga, the precision of Pilates, as well as functional training,” Dani says. “It’s suitable for all ages and abilities as you are so supported by the prop and can allow the barre to take as much or as little of your weight as you want.”
Benefits of Barre classes include improved strength, posture, flexibility, balance and stability, endurance and potential weight loss. The exercises target muscles that support and stabilise the body which are often neglected in everyday life.  No ballet experience (or grace!) necessary!
Try out Barre at Studio Yoga at our taster sessions on Friday November 30, or join the weekly classes starting on Monday January 7, 10.30-11.30am. Numbers limited so advance reservations recommended.