15th June 2019

Learn Yoga and Pilates with us

Are you thinking about trying Yoga or Pilates but not sure where to start? Come and learn with us. We’ve been established since 2008 and have highly experienced, qualified teachers working from a fully equipped, peaceful studio. No sharing your space with all the other users of the local village hall. We run regular short beginner courses where you will learn the foundations of Yoga or Pilates in a small, friendly and informal group. Another option is to have a private lesson. A short course of three 1:1 classes is a great way to start at your own pace and gain confidence before joining a group. Although Yoga and Pilates are different disciplines they have many of the same benefits, which include: Building strength and stamina Increasing flexibility Better posture and balance Improved movement in everyday life, leading to less risk of injury in other activities. Both can be adapted and modified to make them suitable for everyone, whatever your age or level of fitness. They are non-competitive activities and […]
15th June 2019

Check out our holiday classes

Summer Holiday class timetable 2019 Our Summer Schedule is now live and we are open all through the summer holidays with a drop-in classes for you. Keep your practice going or come and try yoga for the first time, and discover what the buzz is all about. Anyone is welcome at these sessions, but numbers are limited so please book and pay for them in advance. We also have a special anatomy workshop with Gary Carter on Friday August 2, for yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and experienced students keen to learn more about how our bodies work, and how to move efficiently and safely in all activities. More classes may be added so check the online calendar or our Facebook page for the latest information. The autumn term starts on Monday September 2 and you can view our  programme of classes and events here.
9th March 2019

Summer Timetable 2019

Shape up for the summer with our Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes.  Our timetable from April to July is now live so book your sessions now. New courses for the summer include Barre on Mondays for Improvers at 10.30am and Beginners at 11.45am, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs on Wednesdays at 6.00pm and Mindfulness on Wednesdays at 2.00pm. For beginners there’s a new gentle yoga class on Wednesday lunchtimes from 12.30-1.30pm. Beginners Pilates is on Thursdays from 12.45-1.45pm. 1:1 Yoga and Pilates or private classes for small groups are available by appointment. Contact us to arrange. Timetable Summer 2019
18th November 2018

Meet our new Pilates Teachers

We’re delighted that two new Pilates teachers are joining the team at Studio Yoga, starting in January 2019. Jill Hanna is teaching an Improvers level class on Tuesdays at 10.45am, and Martha Cook takes over from Anneli on Thursdays, with a Beginners group at 11.30am and an Intermediate class at 12.45pm. Jill Hanna worked in marketing for a well known blue chip brand before re-training as a Body Control Pilates teacher. She has a degree in Psychology and has always been fascinated by what makes people tick: “It wasn’t until my children were born, quite dramatically I might add, that I realised how inextricably linked our movement is to our personality, our journey, our habits and our history,” Jill says. “Pilates helped me to find strength in my C section recoveries, as well as navigate the physical toll which being a Mum of two very little ones naturally presents.” As a teacher, Jill likes to place great emphasis on making everyday functional movements more effective, stronger and safer. She believes […]
16th November 2018

New Vinyasa Flow class coming soon

Love Vinyasa Flow yoga? Then we have good news for you. Starting in January 2019, Kathryn Campling will be teaching mixed ability Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday mornings from 9.15-10.30. Vinyasa Flow is one of the most popular styles of contemporary yoga, in which students co-ordinate breath and movement to go smoothly from one asana (yoga pose) to the next, linking the postures together in a fluid, dynamic sequence. There is also a strong focus on alignment and strengthening the body, but Kathryn says students mustn’t neglect their breath as this is what binds the physical and mental benefits of yoga together. Kathryn has recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Anne-Marie Newland at Sun Power Yoga in London. She lives in Stockbridge with her husband and two young children. Kathryn is passionate that yoga can be beneficial to any and all. Book your place now for this 12 week course and get 2019 off to a great start.
15th November 2018

Barre classes starting at Studio Yoga

Barre fitness classes are coming to Studio Yoga, starting in January 2019. The sessions combine ballet inspired moves with elements of yoga, dance, Pilates and strength training will be taught by trained dancer and yoga teacher, Dani Jones. The classes are choreographed to music and include classic dance moves such as pliés, as well as static stretches. Students use a barre, window ledge or chair for support while performing exercises which focus on alignment, core engagement, and isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range movements. Teacher Dani Jones began her love of dance at the age of 3 when she first went to ballet lessons. Dani trained with the Royal Academy of Dance, gaining her Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet certificates and studied it at  University. She describes Barre as like yoga-ballet: “It combines the grace and elegance of ballet with the alignment of yoga, the precision of Pilates, as well as functional training,” Dani says. “It’s suitable for all ages and abilities as you are so supported […]
17th June 2018

Summer holiday class schedule

It’s all go at Studio Yoga this summer, so don’t roll up your yoga mat just because it’s the holidays.  We’re open throughout July and the second half of August with a limited schedule of drop-in, mixed ability classes. The first two weeks of August we’ll be closed for refurbishment and improvements, putting in a new kitchen and toilets and redecorating throughout. All classes are £12 per person and everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of fitness or experience so come and give it a go!  It’s a great way to try out a class before signing up for the autumn term. All the classes are listed on the timetable or you can view them here: Summer Holiday classes 2018 1:1 sessions or private sessions for small groups can also be arranged by appointment. All sessions will run subject to demand, so please book online to confirm your place.  Yoga and Pilates are movement skills: the more you practise the better you get.        
18th November 2017

All set for a new year of yoga in 2019

Booking is open now for our spring term 2019 yoga and Pilates classes.  Have a look at what’s on offer here: Timetable Spring Term 2019 Classes are beginning on January 4, and we’re excited to have a number of new courses this year. For beginners there are specialist Pilates and Yoga courses. The best way to begin your practice is a short course with fellow beginners where you can learn the basics in a friendly and supportive environment. Yoga Beginners starts on January 11 at 11.30am and Pilates Beginners on January 22 at 10.45am. Other new courses include Yoga Flow with Kathryn Campling on Wednesday mornings at 9.15am and Barre Fitness with Dani Jones on Mondays at 10.30am. Our specialist Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course begins on Wednesday January 9 from 12.30-1.45pm. Reservations are strongly advised and all classes can be booked online, through the class timetable page, but please call us if you’d like more information. Telephone: 01264 811158 or 07764 949317.    
21st June 2017

Learn your yoga ABCs

Have you always wanted to practise yoga at home, but don’t know where to start? You might be using a book or online videos, but they’re often not the perfect solution. And so much choice can be confusing: how easy is it to find something that’s right for you? Yoga is the original portable skill. You can practise it anytime, any place, anywhere (just look at all those social media posts of people practising on the beach, up a mountain, even in the middle of the road). But to do this successfully you must first learn how to structure a sequence. The poses need to work together, maybe building up to a peak posture, or just nicely complementing one another to form a balanced, coherent whole. The Bhagavad Gita describes yoga as ‘skill in action’ and in many ways it is similar to learning a language, with the poses like words which can be linked together into a sentence or sequence.  There is also the importance of grammar, or vinyasa […]