1st March 2016
Studio Yoga Summer timetable 2016

Studio Yoga Autumn Timetable

  Check out Studio Yoga’s new Timetable for Autumn 2016 and see our schedule from September to December. We’ve added extra Pilates sessions with a new Beginners group at 11.45am on Mondays with Mandy and HIP Pilates on Thursday evenings at 6.15pm, taught by Anneli. Reservations are strongly advised and all classes can be booked online, but please call us if you’d like more information on 01264 811158. Most classes start back the week beginning September 12, but Jo’s Saturday Yoga Flow class begins again on September 3rd, and Iyengar Yoga resumes on September 21 and 23. 1:1 and private sessions for couples or small groups can also be booked by appointment for either Yoga or Pilates and are highly recommended for newcomers wanting to join an established group.
15th November 2015

Gary Carter yoga anatomy workshops

Gary Carter Anatomy and Movement in Yoga masterclasses at Studio Yoga   Friday February 5 2016, 1.30-4.30pm Friday May 13 2016, 1.30-4.30pm Friday October 21 2016, 1.30-4.30pm Gary Carter’s experiential anatomy workshops will transform your yoga practice.  The more you understand the biomechanics of movement, the more you can practice with self-awareness and insight.  Gary is one of, if not the, leading UK teacher of yoga anatomy.  He has more than 20 years experience of teaching yoga, physical awareness and personal training.  His approach to yoga is deeply influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, and he has studied with Diane Long, Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, John Stirk and Peter Blackaby.  He lectures in movement anatomy for yoga and at training events for yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and massage therapists across the UK. In a series of half day workshops at Studio Yoga in 2016 Gary will introduce the idea of an “elastic body”, showing how how we can engage with our Fascia and Myofascia to bring a level of […]
29th September 2015

2016 Yoga workshops with Michael Hutchinson

Join yoga teacher trainer Michael Hutchinson for a workshop on November 2015 for “Hopes and Fears” – the last in a series of masterclasses on the teachings of the ancient yoga sage Patanjali, about Klesha, a driving force within everyone, which can be experienced as five, often troublesome tendencies. Patanjali says we can find ways to first expose these tendencies and then loosen their influence on our thoughts, words and actions.  One of them is fear, and in this workshop Michael will explore the ways in which practising yoga can both provoke and reduce agitation and anxiety. “Hopes and Fears” is suitable for all keen students wanting to expand their understanding of yoga, teachers and trainee teachers.  The 3 hour workshop is from 11am-2pm and will include some asana, pranayama and meditation, as well as discussion. Teachers attending this event can count it as 3 hours CPD. In 2016 Michael returns with a 3-part series of workshops on the theme of Pranayama or yoga breathing techniques.  Pranayama, the fourth of […]
14th June 2015

An Introduction to Chakra workshop

Join yoga teachers Gilly Barnard and Janet Evans for a fascinating one day yoga workshop exploring Chakra on Saturday October 17 at Studio Yoga. The day will involve practice and study including chant, meditation and visualisation examining how this ancient wisdom can be applied to modern living. You will develop a better understanding of the Chakra system and how it relates to modern western theories, giving you a model to enhance your yoga practice or teaching and a new approach to health and well-being. The workshop is suitable for keen students as well as teachers and trainee teachers and costs £50. Yoga mats and blocks are provided as well as drinks and snacks, but please bring a light lunch with you. To reserve a place or for more information please contact either Gilly: gilly.barnard@btconnect.com, tel 07732 221636 or Janet: jevans238@hotmail.co.uk, tel 07721 410181.
14th June 2015

Yoga for Kids

Bring your kids to Studio Yoga for summer fun in the school holidays.  We’re running some half-day workshops for ages 5-9 and 9-12 with some yoga, games and crafts. Yoga is as good for children as it is for adults, and in India yoga was originally taught to boys when they were about eight years old.  It’s non-competitive so everyone can enjoy it and will help your kids to maintain their natural flexibility, build strength, improve their posture, balance and co-ordination. Yoga helps children to focus and simple breathing exercises can give them techniques to help with issues such as anxiety or sleeping disorders.  The ancient teachings that underpin yoga also promote positive values such as kindness, friendliness and being supportive towards others. Our Yoga for Kids workshops are on the following dates: Thursday July 16 10.00am-12.30pm, 5-9 years Friday July 17 10.00am-12.30pm, 9-12 years Monday Aug 24 10.30am-1.00pm, 5-9 years Tuesday Aug 25 10.00am-12.30pm 9-12 years   All workshops are £15 per child.  Bookings can be made online or email info@studioyoga.co.uk […]
14th June 2015
Studio Yoga Autumn Timetable 2016

Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness – Autumn 2015

Our classes from September to December 2015 are now all listed in the class timetable calendar so you can see and book them all online, but if you want to download or print off a hard copy of the schedule with all the classes and prices just click on the link Timetable Autumn 2015 pdf
14th June 2015

Yoga and Pilates classes all summer long

  Studio Yoga is open all summer with Yoga and Pilates classes running throughout July and August, as well as workshops for children aged 5-9 and 9-12.  Teenagers wanting to do yoga are welcome to come to general classes with their parents.  Classes will only run subject to demand so please book online in advance via the class timetable page and check the website for updates. To download or print off a hard copy of all our classes just click on the link Timetable July:Aug 2015 Tamsin is also offering private tuition by appointment on a 1:1 or small group basis.  Please call 07764 949317 to arrange.
16th April 2015

“Likes and Dislikes” – Yoga workshop with Michael Hutchinson 26/09/15

Do you have a favourite yoga posture or sequence?  And are there poses that you dread being asked to do? Do you know why? Sometimes such likes and dislikes can start to hold us back, not just on our yoga mat, but in other aspects of life as well, having a negative impact on our thoughts, words and actions. Join Michael Hutchinson for a half day workshop on Saturday September 26th from 11am-2pm to explore the concept of likes and dislikes from a yoga perspective, in particular looking at the teachings of the ancient yoga sage, Patanjali and his concept of Viniyoga or a step-wise approach to help loosen the influence of the “Kleshas” or troublesome tendencies. “Likes and Dislikes” is suitable for all keen yoga students, teachers and trainee teachers.  The 3 hour yoga workshop will include some asana, pranayama (breath-work) and meditation, as well as discussion and costs £25.  Michael Hutchinson has been certified as a Teacher Trainer by Mr TKV Desikachar and is on the Committee of […]
17th February 2015

New: Yoga Basics course – starting on Feb 25 2015

If you’ve never tried yoga before, now’s the time to come and give it a go with our new six-week Basics course.  This class, which starts on Wednesday February 25, is for everyone whatever your age or level of fitness.  Learn how to move and breath better, improving your health both physically and mentally.  Yoga is about much more than simple stretching and with regular practice the benefits include: Increased flexibility, reducing wear and tear on the joints Stronger muscles and bones Better balance Improved sleep patterns Reduced stress levels Improved lung function Better co-ordination Taller, straighter posture So come and give it a go.  In six weeks you will begin to feel a difference. Yoga Basics is taught by Belinda Middleton, who is a trainee British Wheel of Yoga teacher.  The course is on Wednesdays from February 25 – April 1, 6.00-7.15pm.  To book please visit the class timetable page.  Cost £45.