13th February 2015

“Discover Your Heart” A day of meditation with Penny Charles and Jane Duncan – April 25 11.00-5.00

  This workshop is an opportunity to explore the benefits meditation can offer as a way to  improve our general health, relationships with others and combat stress.  It is suitable both for beginners and those who have a meditation practice but who might like to try something heart focused.   The workshop will be run by Jane Duncan and Penny Charles, who is both an experienced teacher and a mentor for the Institute of Applied Meditation.  The aim of the workshop will be to teach the basic technique for heart focused meditation and to introduce people to some of the benefits by leading them through several short meditations over the course of the day. By the end of the workshop people should be able to balance their heart beat and breath and experience a sense of rhythm, calm and focus.   Participants don’t need to bring any equipment as the meditation will be carried out sitting on chairs but are encouraged to wear warm, comfortable clothing. Hot and cold drinks […]
25th January 2015

“The Real Me” – Yoga workshop with Michael Hutchinson on Saturday March 21st

Join Michael Hutchinson for a half day Yoga workshop on Saturday March 21st from 11am – 2pm exploring how our practice can change the way we see not only the world around us but also ourselves.  This was first observed by the ancient yoga sage Patanjali, in his teachings about what he called “Klesha” and which we experience as negative ego patterns. Patanjali said that once we find ways to first expose these tendencies, we can then bring about change.  Yoga practices including mindfulness and breath-work as well as asana help develop greater self-awareness, which in turn lessens the   influence of “Klesha” on our thoughts, words and actions.  These findings, although thousands of years old, are no less relevant in today’s world and why yoga can be such a valuable tool not just for physical health but also mental well-being. “The Real Me” is suitable for all keen yoga students, teachers and trainee teachers.  The 3 hour workshop will include some asana, pranayama (breath-work) and meditation, as well as […]
1st January 2015

Yoga for Skiers

Off skiing this winter?  Click on the link to read my article in Spectrum on Yoga for Skiers and enjoy the snow.
28th November 2014

New: Mindfulness Course Starting October 2015

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Dr Gail Loudon MBSR and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) were originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre and have been further developed at the Centres of Mindfulness at Bangor and Oxford Universities. They consist of an integration of ancient Buddhist meditation practices and philosophy of mindfulness with current psychological and neuro-scientific understanding. The teaching is entirely secular with no religious context and no prior knowledge of Buddhist practices is needed. The practice of Mindfulness can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and chronic pain. It provides an effective way to manage stress, and to handle thoughts, moods and emotions more productively helping to bring harmony and well-being to our lives. Research into MBSR has shown it to be as effective as anti-depressants in halving the risk of recurrent depression and it is recommended as a treatment of choice in the NHS. New courses at Studio Yoga starting in October, on Fridays beginning October 2, from 11.30-1.00 and Saturdays beginning […]