Learn your yoga ABCs

Have you always wanted to practise yoga at home, but don’t know where to start?

Practising at home can be harder than it sounds

You might be using a book or online videos, but they’re often not the perfect solution. And so much choice can be confusing: how easy is it to find something that’s right for you?

Yoga is the original portable skill. You can practise it anytime, any place, anywhere (just look at all those social media posts of people practising on the beach, up a mountain, even in the middle of the road).

But to do this successfully you must first learn how to structure a sequence. The poses need to work together, maybe building up to a peak posture, or just nicely complementing one another to form a balanced, coherent whole.

The Bhagavad Gita describes yoga as ‘skill in action’ and in many ways it is similar to learning a language, with the poses like words which can be linked together into a sentence or sequence.  There is also the importance of grammar, or vinyasa krama, to ensure the sequence makes sense and is not just a meaningless jumble of movement – more Yoda than yoga. As your knowledge deepens you can then tweak your practice to tailor it even more to your needs, adapting it so it supports you in the rest of your life.  Home practice also helps us develop an awareness of svadhyaya or self-study, essential if we are to advance in yoga.

Join BWY teacher Tamsin Kelly for two half-day interactive workshops this autumn discovering more about how yoga works and learning how to put together your own practice. It doesn’t matter which style of yoga you practice as there are underlying principles common to them all. Suitable for anyone except complete beginners.

The ABC of Yoga is at Studio Yoga on Saturday October 14 and Saturday November 11 from 11.30am – 3.00pm.  Bring a notebook and a yoga mat. Please contact Tamsin for more information – tamsin@studioyoga.co.uk – or book online.