“Likes and Dislikes” – Yoga workshop with Michael Hutchinson 26/09/15

Do you have a favourite yoga posture or sequence?  And are there poses that you dread being asked to do? Do you know why?

Sometimes such likes and dislikes can start to hold us back, not just on our yoga mat, but in other aspects of life as well, having a negative impact on our thoughts, words and actions.

Join Michael Hutchinson for a half day workshop on Saturday September 26th from 11am-2pm to explore the concept of likes and dislikes from a yoga perspective, in particular looking at the teachings of the ancient yoga sage, Patanjali and his concept of Viniyoga or a step-wise approach to help loosen the influence of the “Kleshas” or troublesome tendencies.

“Likes and Dislikes” is suitable for all keen yoga students, teachers and trainee teachers.  The 3 hour yoga workshop will include some asana, pranayama (breath-work) and meditation, as well as discussion and costs £25.  Michael Hutchinson has been certified as a Teacher Trainer by Mr TKV Desikachar and is on the Committee of the Society of Yoga Practitioners.  He is also a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor and teachers can count attending this event as 3 hours CPD.