Autumn Mantra Masterclasses with Michael Hutchinson

Working with sound has always been fundamental to the practice of yoga, so deepen your understanding at a Mantra Masterclass with Michael Hutchinson on Saturday October 7 and November 25 2017 from 11.00am-2.00pm at Studio Yoga.

Chanting has always been used as a vehicle to take us “from sound to silence,” as a means to transmit the teachings in the days before they were written down, and as a connection with ancient times.

Along with pranayama (breathing techniques), using a mantra can help to focus and turn the mind inwards. It can also be an empowering and uplifting experience, affecting us on a multi-sensory level.

Today, Vedic chanting is enjoying a surge in popularity in yoga circles as more and more people are realising its benefits and how it gives us a sense of peace and stillness in a fast-paced world

These two half-day workshops will include chanting sessions interspersed with sound and movement, simple pranayama and mantra meditation. The sessions are designed to be follow on from one another, but they can be attended as stand-alone events.

The workshops are led by Michael Hutchinson who is a yoga teacher-trainer on the committee of the Society of Yoga Practitioners. He studied Vedic Chanting with Sri TKV Desikachar and those appointed by him, and has also trained with other leading teachers of Mantra and other healing voice-work.


‘Sound has a lot of power … it is something that can bring a person’s mind to a higher plane …’ Sri TKV Desikachar.

The workshops can be booked online and no previous experience of Vedic Chanting is required. BWY or TSYP teachers attending can count the event as 3 hours CPD.