Meet our new Pilates Teachers

We’re delighted that two new Pilates teachers are joining the team at Studio Yoga, starting in January 2019.

Jill Hanna is teaching an Improvers level class on Tuesdays at 10.45am, and Martha Cook takes over from Anneli on Thursdays, with a Beginners group at 11.30am and an Intermediate class at 12.45pm.

Jill Hanna

Jill Hanna worked in marketing for a well known blue chip brand before re-training as a Body Control Pilates teacher. She has a degree in Psychology and has always been fascinated by what makes people tick:
“It wasn’t until my children were born, quite dramatically I might add, that I realised how inextricably linked our movement is to our personality, our journey, our habits and our history,” Jill says. “Pilates helped me to find strength in my C section recoveries, as well as navigate the physical toll which being a Mum of two very little ones naturally presents.”
As a teacher, Jill likes to place great emphasis on making everyday functional movements more effective, stronger and safer. She believes it’s most important to work on the core: “Not just for you to enjoy a flatter and more toned tummy, but also to keep back aches at bay and all other parts of the body being utilised for the role which they were intended. We’ll get the spine lengthened and flowing, nice, gentle and sequential movement  (often best delivered with an anatomy lesson on the side).
I often use props to help bring classes or concepts to life – balls, bands, magic circles and spiky balls, but don’t be afraid if you find a random prop joining us in class – it’s amazing how helpful a dinosaur tail, a balloon and a can of coke can be in allowing us to connect with our bodies!”

Martha Cook

Like Jill, Martha Cook also discovered Pilates as a new mum, after her son was born six years ago.
“I immediately fell in love with it,” Martha says, “and found that once a week, not only was this an opportunity to get my body mobilised and working but it also provided me with an hour of complete relaxation, helped me to clear and refocus my mind and of course, strengthen my core.”
Martha qualified as a Pilates Level 3 Matwork teacher with Body Control Pilates in London in November 2017 and began teaching matwork classes in Hursley in February 2018. “The part I really enjoy most about teaching is the buzz I get from working and helping clients to develop their strength and achieve their objectives. As well as being a pilates teacher, I am mother to my two children Matilda and Henry and when time allows, my other loves are road biking and tennis.”

Both Jill and Martha are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals. Book your classes directly with them.

Email Jill at or visit her website

Email Martha at  or tel 07379 988106

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