Giving yoga a go: a beginner’s story

New to yoga or considering taking it up for the first time?

As this beginner’s experience shows, practising yoga on a regular basis can transform your life for the better, whatever your age, size or level of fitness.

Re-engaging my core by Christine Alexander Smith

I first visited Tamsin at Studio Yoga in Stockbridge after being treated by my Chiropractor for a hip and lower back problem, having had a very bad fall.  My Chiropractor suggested engaging with Yoga as something to assist my continued recovery.   I was sceptical that this would help me, but desperate to eliminate the stiffness and lower back pain, I agreed to give it a go.

I had never done yoga before and initially had 3 one to one sessions with Tamsin, then joined her Yoga Express evening course.  I soon became aware of just how little I had been moving or stretching my whole body.  As a beginner I found the first 3 sessions were challenging but very achievable.   Over the course of 12 weeks I found my back pain had reduced, but my more importantly I had gained a greater range of flexibility and balance.   I also noticed that after my class I slept much better.  I am now able to do a complete yoga sequence, something I never expected to achieve, and keep up with most of the moves.  Tamsin is a great tutor, who creates an environment for her students that fosters the spirit of giving everything a go in a safe way.  She stresses that our sessions should not be competitive and we should listen to our bodies.  This gives you permission to participate authentically, not comparing yourself to others, focusing just on you.

I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone wanting to increase their flexibly and sense of general well being.   The classes are friendly and small, and are made up of all ages, sizes and genders.   Each session builds on the last; creating a sense of achievement for the student each week, lead by the very experienced yoga teacher, Tamsin Kelly.

I really look forward to my classes; it is one of the best decisions I have made in joining Studio Yoga for classes in managing my on-going wellbeing.