“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” BKS Iyengar.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is an innovative, evidence-based programme for people suffering from chronic low back pain. This
is a common problem, affecting 80% of us at some point in our lives and can be debilitating, impacting on quality of life and ability to work.
Mind-body group exercise, such as Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is recommended by the health regulator, NICE as a first step towards managing low back pain. It is a specialist programme that gently and progressively aims to help people get back to being more active again.
The course teaches life-long skills to improve health. It was developed and tested in a large research study, run by the Universtiy of York (Department for Health Sciences) and funded by Arthritis Research UK. The positive results showing it to be safe and effective were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2011. A cost evaluation in the journal Spine in 2012 showed it to be cost effective for the NHS, society and the workplace.

NEW COURSE STARTING ON SEPTEMBER 14 2022: This will be taught in person, but sessions can be live-streamed on request if a participant is unable to come to the studio.


  • 12 weekly classes comprising easy foundational yoga poses to build strength and flexibility, providing long term benefits.
  • Poses target back comfort, good posture and re-alignment of the body.
  • Guidance, homework plans and information so that you can practice on your own in between classes.
  • Guided relaxations to download, a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs book and videos.
  • Students learn how to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into their daily lives.
  • Taught to small groups (average class size 4-8 people) by experienced, senior yoga teacher.
  • At the end of the course students are encouraged to continue practising on their own, or to join a suitable yoga class.


“Yoga has a track record of improving chronic pain in multiple conditions. Uniquely this long term self-management course is the essence of prevention. It offers a toolkit of simple lifelong techniques to improve and maintain holistic health and well-being.” Alison Trewhela, Principal Tutor and Director, YHLB Institute.


  • “It is the solution I required to manage my back. I think more about my posture and what my body is doing.”
  • “Having had restless legs for many years, I now do not suffer from that at all.”
  • “It is a really effective way to self manage pain/stiffness. I am using less meds.”
  • “The course has made me much more aware of my posture. Also given me an understanding of the importance of stretching and breathing properly.”
  • “The best thing about the course was learning the exercise routines to ease the pain and improving my outlook on life.”
  • “It doesn’t just focus on the back, but the whole body and mind. I feel it is benefitting my whole body. It starts very gently – you’re not made to feel inadequate or unfit. Wish I’d found this years ago.”
  • “I now practice what you and the course have taught me everyday and my back is so much better and the pain has almost totally disappeared.”
  • Lucy Gosse
    I love your classes and really look forward to them. I am also really impressed with the tremendous amount of time, thought and effort you have given to organising and presenting the range of online/Zoom classes over the last few months and all very easy to follow.
    Lucy Gosse
  • Emma Todd
    Thank you for a couple of very good years of yoga. I had no experience of yoga before coming to you and you've been a super teacher. I now incorporate yoga into many daily activities - from walking the dogs, working at my to desk, to emptying the washing machine...Your studio is a serene and friendly place, and I've appreciated your immense professionalism and commitment.
    Emma Todd
  • Steve Pollard
    I would highly recommend the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course to anyone who suffers with back pain. It certainly has been the most beneficial form of treatment for me and has helped me recover from the most agonising painful back period I've ever had. That now seems to be a distant memory. I am genuinely thrilled I came to Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.
    Steve Pollard
  • Anna Thomas
    It is a necessary pleasure for me to kick-start my week at Studio Yoga. The Monday morning class sets me up for the week ahead.  Tamsin is a dedicated teacher.  Her classes are varied, her instructions clear and she always has an eye on her pupils individual physical requirements making adjustments that enhance their practice.  I highly recommend Studio Yoga.
    Anna Thomas
  • Liz Parsons
    Studio Yoga offers the unique opportunity to attend regular classes in a range of Yoga styles in a tranquil dedicated space. I am particularly pleased to be able to attend workshops led by a resident or visiting teachers offering a more in-depth exploration of Yoga.
    Liz Parsons
    MSTAT Teacher of the Alexander Technique
  • Annie Burchmore
    Since starting Tamsin’s hatha yoga classes a year ago, I have noticed a marked improvement in my balance, core strength and flexibility. Tamsin makes all ages and abilities feel relaxed and welcome and her enthusiasm, warmth and encouragement have created a positive and enjoyable environment in which to practice and learn. I always look forward to my classes and leave feeling calmer, stronger and happier. Thank you.
    Annie Burchmore
  • Dagan James
    I, like many many others have suffered years of lower back problems, not helped by being a livestock farmer.
    Last year I had a prolapsed disc. When it eventually eased I went on the yoga for lower backs course.
    It has been hugely beneficial, not only for building physical strength, but also because it gave me the framework for better and quicker recovery when flareups have reoccurred and the mental strength knowing there is a way forward when things go wrong. The course shows an effective and doable way to really reduce back problems. As long as you do your exercises!
    Dagan James
  • L.F.
    The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course has really helped my shoulders and flexibility. I like creating space for me and the calm it gives - thank you.
  • Sarah Towneley
    Coming to yoga with Tamsin is like going on a mini-holiday every week.
    Sarah Towneley
  • Ann Porter
    It is the first time for over 30 years that I have joined a class solely for my benefit. I want to learn yoga properly from the beginning and the Wednesday class is perfect. Thank you.
    Ann Porter
  • Christine Alexander-Smith
    Tamsin is a great tutor, who creates an environment for her students that fosters the spirit of giving everything a go in a safe way. I wholeheartedly recommend Studio Yoga to anyone wanting to increase their flexible and sense of general well-being. The classes are friendly and small and are made up of all ages, sizes and genders. Each session builds on the last; creating a sense of achievement for the student each week.
    Christine Alexander-Smith
  • Name withheld
    Please could you let Anneli know how brilliant I think she is as a Pilates teacher. What she does with me is really helping reduce any pain and is increasing my strength and flexibility. Thank you.
    Name withheld
  • Namaste Tamsin. Thank you for making the sessions so enjoyable and rewarding. I've been amazed at how much difference these classes have made to me. I am really looking forward to next term.
  • Kim Dunkason
    I first met Tamsin six years ago when I booked a 121 session with her. This was my first step into the world of yoga and I was extremely fortunate to find such an excellent teacher.  The health benefits have been incredible, my body is much more flexible and I move easily, I know how to quiet my mind and reduce stress.  Her restorative yoga and pranayama classes are wonderful - you feel so relaxed, positive and calm afterwards. I can’t recommended her highly enough - she really gets to know her students so that they obtain the maximum benefit form the classes. Yoga is Tamsin’s passion, you can see she loves teaching, I highly recommend Studio Yoga.
    Kim Dunkason
  • Vicky Liddell
    After 6 years, I still look forward to my weekly yoga session. It sets me up for anything that the week can throw at me.
    Vicky Liddell